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DATE TOPIC                                                                                                                         
5/8/19 Best Practices in the Prevention and Detection of Diversion by Healthcare Personnel
Culture of Safety
Provider Burnout: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Remedies 
Diagnostic Errors Diagnostic Accuracy
Improving Quality Without a Dedicated Quality Team: Approaching Transformations in Care in the Ambulatory Care Setting
Managing the Behavioral Health Patient in a Non-behavioral Health Setting
Coping With Medication Shortages: Strategies for Healthcare Providers 
Anger is Not a Stand-alone Emotion: De-Escalation for the Emotional Adverse 
Evolving Issues in the EHR   
SDM V IC: Can Either Be Used in the Battle to Mitigate Diagnostic Error
Cybersecurity: What Healthcare Facilities Need to Know
Combating the Prescription Opioid Epidemic
It’s Time to Explore Emerging Liabilities in the Opioid Epidemic
Claims of Sexual Misconduct
Fact or Fiction? Demystifying Disclosure
End of Life Issues
The Expanding Role of EHRs in Medical Liability
Medical Marijuana in 2017: Considerations for Caregivers 
Case Law 2017
Discrimination in the Workplace - An Overview
Marijuana to Prescription Drugs – Dealing with Drug Issues in the Workplace
Social Media and Ethical Considerations: Minimizing the Risks [Are You at Risk?]
Surveillances, Social Media, Privacy, and Technology Issues in the Workplace
Combating Physician Burnout

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